UPDATE: YG Comments On His Truck Involved In Police Shootout & Car Chase

Surveillance video captured parts of the pursuit through the streets of LA.

UPDATE: YG has commented on his lack of involvement in the shooting that caused a civilian's death.

"I was nowhere near the scene of this incident, I was in Hollywood recording in the studio all day," he said on Twitter. "I was there until after midnight on the 4th of July and didn’t learn of these events until after they happened!"

(AllHipHop News) The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is claiming that a Cadillac Escalade involved in several alleged crimes is registered to California rapper Keenon "YG" Jackson. The SUV was connected to a shooting in Compton and a police chase that ended in Inglewood.

On Wednesday night around 11:35 pm PT, authorities reportedly arrived on West Spruce Street in response to a report of a reckless driver and a potential DUI situation. A shootout took place. One deputy suffered minor injuries from graze wounds to the arm and shoulder.

Officials told a local news station that after fleeing the location, someone in the Escalade began firing a "high-powered assault rifle" at deputies in the pursuing cars and at the sheriff's helicopter. The vehicle was eventually abandoned. One person was arrested while another escaped on foot.

An innocent bystander was also supposedly shot and killed as a result of possible crossfire between the gunman and the deputies. It has not been confirmed whether the victim was struck by gunfire from law enforcement or the suspect. Lieutenant Derrick Alfred of the LA County Sheriff's Homicide division also suggested the victim could have been killed before the pursuit.

As of press time, YG has not publicly addressed the matter. It is unknown if the 4Real 4Real album creator was in the black Cadillac Escalade detailed with bulletproof windows at the time of the shootout with sheriff deputies and the ensuing car chase.

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No, that not how the game go. That is snitching fool.


YG keeping it 100, but them people are going to make him or the other person they caught speak on somebody, or they gonna charge him.May not be fair but its how the game goes...