UPN Goes 'Platinum'

UPN has picked up six episodes of the drama series

"Platinum," the story of two brothers who own a hip-hop record label.

The television show was co-created by Sofia Coppola (daughter of famed director

Francis Ford Coppola) and John Ridley ("Three Kings").

The show will be cross-promoted by MTV by airing

music videos from the series on the MTV network. MTV will also rebroadcast each

episode 8-10 days following the original broadcast on UPN.

"Platinum taps into the growing popularity

of the hip-hop culture with young adults, making it the perfect fit with UPN's

core 18-34-year-old audience," UPN Entertainment president Dawn Ostroff

told AllHipHop.com in a statement "By forming this incredible partnership

with MTV, which has helped bring hip-hop into the mainstream, we will be able

to explore a whole array of different potential crossovers and tie-ins."

The show centers around the two brothers who

built their record label, Platinum from the bottom up. The series is set in

New York.

The show is a production of Francis Ford Coppola's

American Zoetrope Television and The Greenblatt Janollari Studio in association

with CBS Productions.