Urban Comedians Star In New Flick "Budz House"

(AllHipHop News) A variety of popular urban comedians will star in the upcoming stoner flick, "Budz House."

Comedians/actors Wesley Jonathan, Faizon Love, Emilio Rivera and Luenell are starring in the movie "Budz House," which is being produced by Royal Court Productions and Phase 4 Films.

The comedy centers around Bud Howard (Wesley Jonathan) and his friends, who discover a giant bag of Kush marijuana.

When they find out to belongs to a local drug lord, they stash it under their house.

The marijuana accidentally becomes fertilized and begins growing, so Bud and his friends begin selling "super weed."

But they soon become the targets of local gangsters, Mexican Mafia, crooked cops and even Buds' mom.

Casey Cameron directed "Budz House," which was shot in Los Angeles over the course of 12 days.

In addition to Faison Love, "Budz House" stars JT Jackson as "Jpeezy," Aaron Scotti as "Pretty Tony," and Jorge Diaz as "Ooley."

Click here to view the theaters and cities that will premiere "Budz House" on April 13.