Urban/Hip-Hop Company Suspended By SEC For Spam


Industries, Inc., a producer and distributor of urban music, feature films, and

television was suspended this week by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

due to their recent and repeated spam E-mail campaigns. Goldmark

Industries, Inc. was one of 35 companies to be suspended in an operation the SEC

has dubbed “Operation Spamalot”. The

spam E-mails have been responsible for generating dramatic spikes in share price

causing investors to lose money. "When

spam clogs our mailboxes, it's annoying,” said SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

in a press release. “When it rips off investors, it's illegal and destructive.

Today's trading suspensions, and actions that will follow, should send a clear

message to spammers: the SEC will hold you accountable." With

E-mails boasting, “[Goldmark] is making everyone bank!", the SEC had

issues regarding adequacy and accuracy of Goldmark Industries, Inc. and the other

34 companies. “While

the Commission cautions investors not to make investment decisions based on anonymous

E-mails they receive, we are also committed to tracking down those who prey on

investors with false or misleading information," said Director of the SEC’s

Enforcement Division Linda Chatman Thomsen in a press release. A

little less than a year ago Goldmark Entertainment named Latino rapper Frost aka

Kid Frost as Vice President of Music for Goldmark Entertainment. Frost

who was one of the first bilingual rappers to attain success in the Hip-Hop industry

has helped pave the way for many other Latino rappers including Fat Joe, Cypress

Hill, and Big Pun. Goldmark

recently signed producer Scoop Deville, who produced Baby Bash's single "Mamacita,"

as well as singles for Linkin Park and upcoming music from Cypress Hill.The

trading suspension will only last 10 days.A

disclaimer on the Goldmark Industries, Inc. website states, “Goldmark Entertainment

does not engage in any blast fax or E-mail campaigns directly as a company, nor

indirectly through third parties.”