Usher Says He Got His Work Ethic From Diddy

Usher explains how he became successful - by initiating success itself in the form of Diddy.

(AllHipHop News) Usher credits Sean "Diddy" Combs for his work ethic, revealing he still has trouble sleeping because he is too committed to his music.

The hip-hop mogul started mentoring Usher when he was a teenager and the "Yeah!" singer explains being around Combs and other musicians, including Mary J. Blige, showed him how to strive for the level of success he wanted to achieve.

"I got a chance to see a glimpse of the lifestyle, a glimpse of the idea of what it is to be successful," he said on an episode of Oprah Winfrey's "Master Class."

"Part of all of this is if you could see it, then you should believe it. I think everybody needs a mentor. Who you choose to invest in as that mentor is really up to who you see yourself being. Because as a result of being around that man, Sean Puffy Combs, I don't sleep to this day. I have a problem sleeping to this day. I got it from him! He's a dude who just never slept. He was the first one to get up and the last one to go to sleep, and that commitment I picked up."

However, Usher and Combs often butted heads over the amount of time his mentor wanted him to party with him.

Usher explains he insisted Combs put him in the studio to record music instead of hitting the party scene with them.

"More than often Puffy would say, 'Man you gotta chill. You're just a little bit too intense. You know, you gotta relax'," he added. "I'm like, 'I'm here to work man and I ain't sang in a week.' I mean I'm 13 years old and I'm banging on this man as though I am the manager. I am the spokesperson for Usher! And I'm telling him, 'Look, you're gonna put me in the studio man... I'm not here to party with you. I'm not going to the clubs. As a matter of fact I'm too young to even be in here...'

"I think I realized as a kid, 'Hey look... that's not my moment... that's not my celebration. So I'm not here to celebrate.' I want people to be excited about me the way they're excited about him (Combs). I wanted my own success. So I would stay at the studio (while they went to party)."

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That's not all he got from Diddy