Usher Says Herpes Accusers "Assumed The Risk" In New Legal Filing

Usher is defending himself against a nasty lawsuit, which claims he exposed two women and a man to herpes.

Usher continues to defend himself against a lawsuit that claims he gave two women and a man herpes.

According to, Usher's legal team just filed a response in California, where the singer denies he had any sexual contact with any of the accusers, let alone exposed them to herpes.

Usher has also raised new arguments for his defense in the legal filing.

The singer claims the three people suing him have no real defense because they have open “unclean hands” and that there is no legal basis for their lawsuit because if he did expose them to herpes, it was unintentional. also reports the lawsuit says Usher claims that if did have sex with any of the accusers, they “assumed the risk” of contracting an STD while having sexual relations with the star.

The news comes during explosive claims that one of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, has a videotaped encounter her tryst with Usher.

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Add Allhiphop and TMZ to the list of media outlets that are going to get sued for defamation by Usher..there's a reason why he isn't saying anything...


Bottom line if he knows he did not do anything I would not pay out shit. The problem is he paid out already, so to the public that looks guilty. To keep it real I would never say and if unless he knows it can be partially true.