Usher Supports Kanye, Rebukes Media

R&B crooner Usher is denying that he took exception to Kanye West’s off-the-cuff commentary that “George Bush doesn’t like Black people,” an opinion expressed during a live NBC telethon.

Usher released a statement to contradict the reports and rebuked the media for promoting division between the two artists. “Contrary to false media reports, I support the personal opinions made by my friend Kanye West. If it wasn’t for his comments, there would not be an open dialogue about the underserved people in the Gulf Region,” Usher said in a statement.

Furthermore, Usher stated that the nation had more pressing issues in the New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama and surrounding areas.

“Our country is in a state of emergency — instead of the media trying to turn celebrities against one another — we should all come together as one and support the victims of this devastating tragedy,” he said.

Many internet and print publications reported that Usher said, “I wasn't mad at Kanye's statement - that's his opinion - but it's obviously not the opportunity or the time to poke fun or appoint blame.” The singer categorically denied that the statement was accurate.

In related news, Usher has revealed that he will release a charity single where the proceeds will go to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. According to Fox News, he hopes to collaborate with Michael Jackson on the song.