Usher To Honor Las Vegas Massacre Victims At Sin City Concert

R&B singer Usher will take a moment to honor the victims of a mass slaying in Las Vegas, in an upcoming concert.

(AllHipHop News) R&B singer Usher plans to honor those who died in Las Vegas at the hands of a crazed gunman on Sunday at his next Sin City show.

At least 59 people were shot and killed and over 500 wounded when a sniper took aim at country fans attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival, and the Love in this Club hitmaker has nothing but compassion for those who are suffering following the tragedy.

“Music has always been a place we retreat to for love, for passion for honesty, we will not be in fear of things that happen," he told news show Extra while revealing his plans to stage a show to help the victims. “I am going to have a concert in Las Vegas very soon (and pay tribute to those who died). That is how you respond to adversity, that is how you respond to negativity - with love... My heart goes out to them… The war is on hatred. We are love and we have to be that collectively.”

The star, who has often been credited with mentoring pop star Justin Bieber, is also hoping to spread the love and help more artists through his new TV talent show MEGASTAR.

“If you can teach the people who are trying to be great at something, take a negative and try to turn it to a positive… it can turn into what any person’s dream can be," he insisted.

However, he's not just using his singing talents to help others - Usher is also hoping his acting work alongside Forest Whitaker in new drama "Burden" will help highlight the impact of America's dark history of slavery and racial inequality.

“('Burden' highlights) the reality of what it is to live in the south, segregation, the effort that came out of the Baptist church, and if anyone finds love they can change," he explained. "(It's) a very significant message for where we are in the time, where we are in the country… The reality of the faces we look at here, not just black and white, but people.”

"Burden," which also stars Garrett Hedlund and Andrea Riseborough, reaches U.S. theaters later this year.