Van Jones Explains Why He's Hopeful Meek Mill's Conviction Will Be Overturned

The REFORM Alliance CEO is working to achieve fairness and equality in the entire criminal justice system.

(AllHipHop News) For more than twenty years, Van Jones has been on the front-lines of the fight for criminal justice. The host of CNN's The Van Jones Show worked with the Trump Administration and congressional Democrats to pass the 2018 First Step Act which is designed to reform the U.S. federal prison system.

Jones also partnered with Hip Hop artist Robert "Meek Mill" Williams, Roc Nation founder Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and others to launch the REFORM Alliance. Plus, the political activist is one of the most outspoken supporters of Meek's attempt to get his 2008 drug and gun conviction overturned.

On Tuesday, Meek Mill's legal team appealed to Pennsylvania state Superior Court about the case. According to Jones, the Philadelphia-raised rapper has a good chance to finally be removed from probation after over a decade of being under the supervision of controversial Judge Genece Brinkley, mostly because the arresting officer was on the District Attorney’s Office's secret list of cops that allegedly had a history of lying, racial bias, brutality, or abuse of power.

"We are one step closer to justice. This hearing was an extraordinary moment where you have attorneys on both sides saying that a new trial should go forward," said Jones on Tuesday. "I have been in criminal justice for 25 years. I've never seen a District Attorney's Office calling for a new trial at the same time the defendant is calling for a new trial."

The Beyond the Messy Truth author continued, "There's reason for hope for two reasons. Number one, Meek Mill should have never been convicted in the first place. He was convicted on the testimony of a completely disgraced and discredited police officer. That was made clear in this courtroom today. The judges themselves seem convinced that the underlying facts are not at dispute, that the cop that put Meek Mill in prison is completely not credible."

Jones went on to reiterate that both the defense and prosecution presented explanations for why Meek's conviction should be vacated. He added, "That cop cannot be called in the case. So if a new trial is ordered, it is hard for us to imagine the District Attorney being able to go forward. We think we are three to six weeks away from a decision in this case that will right an injustice that has been on the books and ruining Meek's life for more than a decade."