Various Rappers, Celebrities Featured In 'THE N-WORD' Documentary

Various rappers and

celebrities are featured in the upcoming documentary, “THE N-WORD,”

a straight-to-DVD film exploring the use of the controversial word.

Russell Simmons, Chuck D., Quincy Jones, Whoopi Goldberg and

other celebrities share their personal experiences surrounding the word.

The 85 minute documentary is executive produced by best-selling

author Nelson George, produced by Helena Echegoyen and was written and directed

by Todd Larkins.

“It’s a word that’s been seared into the American

psyche,” Larkins said. “It’s used to insult, enrage, demean,

and oddly enough endear. It was a subject that begged for deeper examination.”

The documentary examines the generational differences regarding

the usage of the word.

Opinions differ in the documentary. For instance, Quincy Jones

believes the word shouldn’t be used at all, while Russell Simmons states

that the word has evolved into a non-racial term of endearment.

“The N-Word”

hits stores nationwide on Jan. 24 via UrbanWorks Entertainment.