Various Rappers Rally To Save Tookie Williams

A host of rappers

have convene to craft Redemption - Hip Hop United 2 Save Stan "Tookie"


The album highlights talents like (of dead prez), P.O.W.,

Paris, Kam, Shorty (of Da Lenchmob), WC, Tank, RBX, Kid Frost, Gangsta Ridd

of the Boo Ya Tribe), Frontline and others.

The rapper efforts recently became more arduous.

The California Supreme Court declined to stop the scheduled

execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a convicted murderer who has

turned his life around in prison.

Defense attorneys petitioned the court last month charging that

Williams was convicted in 1981 on substandard forensic evidence and a shoddy


Williams was condemned to death for the slaying four people

in Los Angeles.

Williams is scheduled die by injection Dec. 13 and his supporters

are feverishly fighting to save his life.

Ballistics evidence determined that a shotgun registered to

Williams was used in multiple murders in 1979.

Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Judge Greg Mathis, and State Sen. Gloria

Romero protested the death sentence in a unique manner.

They read selections Williams' famed children's book series

to at-risk children on November 30.

"Tookie Williams is a special guy," said Snoop Dogg.

"He's a guy that's been locked up for a long time, and he's been doing

a lot of great things with kids in the community with peace, with just trying

to educate the kids in what it is about gang banging that ain't cool.

You kill that voice and you're killing a lot of hope for these kids."

Williams' books have received four nominations for the Nobel

Prize in Literature with a focus on positive, peaceful lifestyles.

"The only birthday present I want from the governor is

clemency for Stan 'Tookie' Williams," said Foxx, whose birthday is December

13 – the same day of Williams' scheduled execution.

Underground rapper Scipio has penned a rap song called "Dear

Governor" in support from celebrities of the imprisoned author.

Williams' final hope for clemency lies with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


will host a closed-door meeting on December 8 at his Sacramento office.