Vatican Approves Tupac's Song "Changes"

The Vatican has released its list of favorite songs for MySpace’s new streaming service MySpace Music, which launched today (December 3).

Surprisingly, one of the 12 tracks is Tupac Shakur’s song “Changes,” which was released in 1998 on Shakur’s Greatest Hits album, which was released in 1998.

“The genres are very different from each other, but all these artists share the aim to reach the heart of good minded people,” The Vatican wrote on its official MySpace Music page.

The list was compiled by Father Giulio Neroni, artistic director for St. Paul’s Multimedia, a church publisher.

Tupac’s track is included alongside artists like Mozart, Dame Shirley Bassey, Fleet Foxes and Pope Benedict XVI himself.

The entire list is below:

1. Advocata Nostra – Music From The Vatican. From the album Alma Mater featuring the voice of Pope Benedict XVI. 2. Uprising – Muse. Single from the album, The Resistance. 3. Causa Nostrae Laetitiae – Music From The Vatican. From the album Alma Mater. 4. Il Mare Mi Salva – Rossomalpelo. Song from the band led by contemporary Italian singer songwriter Serge Gaggiotti 5. After The Rain – Dame Shirley Bassey. From the album The Performance. 6. Coexist – Nour Eddine. Song from Moroccan Musician, based in Italy. 7. Don Giovanni – Mozart. 8. Rafaele Merry Del Val – Lorenzo Perosi Inni Mottetti e Canzoni, Pablo Colino & Coro Academica Filarmonica Romana. 9. He Doesn't Know Why – Fleet Foxes. 10. Changes – Tupac Shakur. 11. Regina Coeli – Music From The Vatican. From the album Alma Mater. 12. Mi sarete Testimoni – Santo Subito! (DVD). Music DVD embodying the voice and image of The Pope.