Vegas to Host National Hip-Hop Political Convention

Hip-Hop’s largest political meeting, the bi-annual National Hip-Hop Political Convention (NHHPC), has confirmed its third consecutive event for August 1-3 in Las Vegas.

The purpose of the convention is to set a political agenda over the next year for the Hip-Hop community. In the past, the gathering has attracted a melting pot of artists, concerned citizens, social justice activists, organizers, scholars, students, and journalists.

This year thousands are expected to attend.

"This political convention is the biggest gathering of young activists, mostly urban youth of color, who are often ignored and overlooked when policy is developed," Nkrumah explained. "What do these people care about? What is their position on the education system, the criminal justice system, or even on access to adequate healthcare?"

A pre-convention titled “The State of Hip-Hop” will be held July 28-31.

The pre-show will feature concerts, a film festival, art exhibits, a academic symposium and a Hip-Hop dance contest.

The main convention on August 1-3 includes trainings, celebrity guest speakers, concerts, and workshops.

The NHHPC was able to build such a large base due to a network of local organizing committees around the United States.

To date, the organization has 20 chapters nationwide. Chairperson Troy Nkrumah, a former pupil of revolutionary Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael), feels the Hip-Hop community must continue to exert political action not only to fix the social issues often brought up in the music, but also show lawmakers that their voice matters.

If policy makers feel these young people do not care about these issues then they should pay more attention to what happens at the 2008 National Hip-Hop Political Convention.”

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