Verdict In C-Murder Case Expected Today

AllHipHop Staff

Jurors could deliver a verdict in the manslaughter trial of rapper Corey “C-Murder” Miller as early as today (August 10).

The prosecution, as well as C-Murder’s defense attorney Ron Rakosky finished their closing arguments this morning in regards to the trial, which marks the second time Miller has been tried for allegedly killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas inside a now-defunct Jefferson Parish nightclub.

Thomas was shot and killed inside of the club on January 12, 2002. Prosecutors presented 13 witnesses, two who claimed to have seen Miller.

The defense sought a mistrial again today, claiming prosecutors again withheld information, after it was learned that they had reached a plea deal with a bouncer in return for testimony against Miller. 

Prosecutors accuse Miller of being the triggerman that shot Thomas as he lay on the ground, being stomped and kicked by men wearing CP3 shirts - after the infamous Calliope Projects. is also the name of one of Miller’s albums, which was released in October 2001, just a month before the slaying.

Miller’s defense attorney Ron Rakosky presented no live witnesses, because they couldn’t be located or failed to show up in court to testify on behalf of the rapper, who is the younger brother of Percy “Master P” Miller and the uncle of teen actor Romeo Miller.

If convicted on the second-degree murder charge, Miller would face a mandatory life in prison. If convicted on lesser charges he stands to serve between 5-10 years for the shooting.

Another man named Juan Flowers took responsibility for Thomas’ murder. He has said under oath that he was the triggerman that shot Thomas.

Meanwhile, Miller is scheduled to be sentenced to 10-years in prison for an altercation at Club Raggs, in which the rapper was charged with attempted murder for trying to shoot at bouncers for attempting to search him, as he entered the club.

Miller will be sentenced in that case August 25.