VH1 Examines The Life And Death Of Biggie


will take a look at the life and tragic death of Hip-Hop

Icon, The Notorious B.I.G.

in an upcoming "Behind The Music" special. The

special, which will debut Sunday July 8th will focus on

Biggie's rise to fame and his unfortunate untimely death

in a hail of gunfire in Los Angeles.

The special

features Puffy, Russell Simmons, journalists Dream Hampton

and Rob Marriot, manger Mr. C., Faith Evans and Voletta


Those who

knew Biggie Smalls best speak out on his tumultuous life

-- and still-unsolved murder -- when VH1's highest rated

original series airs.

When speaking

to VH1 for the special, Faith Evans said "Something

about him was very warm and cozy, you know, like my daddy.

You know how some women call their man daddy? He was just

that type of guy. Just very warm and caring and physical."

Russell Poole,

the gentleman that led the investigation and eventually

helped uncover the biggest police scandal in United States

history (The Rampart Scandal), and who eventually resigned

from his post within the LAPD is a little more direct.

"Clearly, the department covered this whole thing

up, because to reveal that LAPD officers were involved

in the killing of a superstar ... it wouldn't look good

for the Los Angeles department."