VH1 To Examine Hip-Hop And Sex

On Sunday July 28th, music channel VH1 will premiere

"VH1's All Access: Hip Hop and Hot Sex," hosted by Fab Five Freddy.

The show will delve into this marriage of hip-hop and sex and find out why rappers

push the limits as far, or even farther, than rock and rollers. The themes that

VH1 will touch on for the segments will be present dealings with sex in videos,

lyrics and lifestyle, past dealings with sex in videos, rappers going porn,

porn stars going rap, and woman power. VH1 will examine the partnership of hip

hop and sex and just how far some rappers will go.

Last year, Snoop Dogg entered rap’s latest

foray with "Snoop’s Doggystyle", a tape that is part music video,

part XXX film. In January, "Snoop’s Doggystyle" won two trophies

at the Adult Video News Awards for Best Music Award and Top Selling Tape of

2001. For Snoop, it was marketing genius. The tape featured never before heard

music, the launch of Snoop’s K-Nine clothing, and an ad for his 900 number.

Snoop is now in talks with Flynt Productions to make "Snoop’s Doggystyle

II." The show will examine this project, meet with Snoop, get into the

studio and find out exactly how he gets "inspired" to create porn.

Treach, a member of the hip-hop group Naughty

By Nature, actually performed a sex scene in "Treach's Naturally Naughty

Porno Movie," which was released through Mojo Home Video.

DJ Yella of the highly controversial rap group

NWA introduced his own line of video porn, "DJ Yella’s Triple X Games."

Yella intends to reunite with the remaining members of NWA and continue making

both rap and porn. Although Yella had been producing porn for nearly seven years,

he had been known as Tha Kidd and did not use his NWA name in porn until recently.

So far Yella has shot over 100 videos, making about three or four all-black

videos a month. Yella does more than just shoot; he produces, edits, and mixes

the sound.

Not only are rappers getting into the porn world,

but adult movie stars are crossing over into hip-hop scene. The infamous Ron

Jeremey teamed up with DJ Polo (of Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo fame) and made

a porno where you’ll find Jeremey himself rapping. Adult film star Jake

Steed appeared on Dr. Dre’s multi-platinum 2001 album and released

his own collection of raps, Jake's Latest And Greatest, which features

the porn star rapping. Porn goddess Heather Hunter joins rapper NORE on his

latest album, Gods Favorite. Hunter appears on the song "Big D,"

and she is currently finishing her own solo album.

VH1 will also take a look at artists like Mystikal

and Outkast and find out how they use sex with their music.

The marriage of hip-hop and sex is nothing new.

Big Daddy Kane, Hammer, and Sir Mix A Lot all used sex in different ways to

market their music. Luther Campbell, 2 Live Crew’s frontman, went on to

make "The Freak Show", a soft-core pay-per-view special and video.

N.E.R.D., (which features the Neptune's Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams) follows

in Luther Campbell’s footsteps with their own un-airable purchase only


The special will also touch on how women in hip-hop

such as Lil Kim and Foxy Brown use sex to sell records.