VH1 To Focus On Notorious B.I.G. In New Special

VH1 will analyze the life of the Notorious B.I.G.

in its popular series, "Driven." The show will chronicle the earliest

years of the rapper, explore his Catholic school education, his dealing drugs

on the street and the relationship he had with his family. Each episode of "Driven"

is dedicated to a single artist, searching for what propelled the artist to succeed,

despite adversity.

Viewers will see B.I.G.'s first steps into the

world of music, including the rap groups and cliques from school days, the local

jazz musician who took the 12-year-old boy under his wing and taught him music

theory, how he accomplished his record deal with Bad Boy, how he brought Junior

M.A.F.I.A. and Lil Kim to prominence and the business plans that he had prior

to being murdered in Los Angeles.

Rare and never before seen footage will be featured

on "Driven," including his first ever studio recording (rapping with

his childhood group The Techinques), sample pages from his childhood notebook

filled with lyrics and behind the scenes footage of Biggie at home and on tour.

Viewers can go online to VH1.com

and check out a photo flip-book of rare photos, exclusive video clips of Notorious

BIG in the early days plus additional features and info on all the artists included

in the series. The show premiers August 20th.