Via Tragedy, Universal Records' Charlie B Helps "Dreams Come True" for Fans

AllHipHop Staff

Raised in Plainview, Texas, Universal Records signee Charlie B was told many times that he wouldn't amount to anything by people from his hometown. Worse yet, at the age of 16 after his mother passed away from a stroke, and with his father not around, Charlie B was basically an orphan. Moving on from his loss took great courage and strength, and as he then channeled the trauma of losing his mother to do better for the world through music, Charlie quickly found himself in the favors of Universal Music.

In fact, Charlie B was so affected by his mother's loss, that it inspired him to team up with A Caring Hand Foundation based in New York City, an organization that provides education and assistance therapy to children who have lost a parent. In doing so, all proceeds from his EP will be donated to this charity, as every individual on the Dreams Come True EP, including Bad Boy Records artist Los and production team The Presidentz, has experienced a devastating loss of a parent as a youth.

Take a look at's sit down with Charlie B, someone who not only has gone through a great deal of struggle to get to this point, but also someone who is truly on the verge of making his Dreams Come True: Tell me about the Dreams Come True project and what it means to you.

Charlie B: The Dreams Come True project came from me wanting to help kids who were like me and lost a loved one. This project means a lot to me; it's helped a lot of fans and supporters believe in themselves and their dreams. This project means the world to me. Hopefully, if it can expand to the world, I can give the world the true meaning of inspiration and what happens when you don't give up on your dreams. Briefly explain how your childhood shaped a few of these records on the album.

Charlie B: My childhood was a lonely one, I didn't have many friends and I didn't hangout with a lot of people. At the age of 16, I lost my mom to a massive heart attack and stroke, and I was always the smart kid in school without the best fashion - just a brain and ambition to want to be somebody. So I mainly focused on dancing in a mirror that I had in my house, and just trying to figure my life out. I came from a small town that didn't give me too many options, so I had to choose the right path. The "You Told Me" record explains all the things my mom told me when she was still living and around, because it's the last thing she said to me before she passed away. "Made It" was inspired through everyone back home in Plainview, Texas, and even in my current city, Dallas, Texas, who told me I couldn't do it.

Charlie B "Dreams Come True" EP/Introduction Album Teaser What will it take to reach your dreams?

Charlie B: First and foremost, God, then my fans, my team with Calvin Collin Management Group, my family, and really just my faith. How is it growing up in the Texas market from an R&B standpoint?

Charlie B: It's pretty cool. I've seen and heard of most of the talent. Kind of ready now to be outside of Texas though and expanding to new markets. Talk to me about the creative process of recording "Dreams" for Universal.

Charlie B: I wrote each record off that EP in three days. The recording process was really fun, because it always excites me to get in the recording booth and make new songs. The Dreams Come True recording process was a fun recording process, but the best part about it was after when I got to be a part of mixing the records. How did the Los track come about?

Charlie B: Well, my management got in contact with his team. unfortunately he lost his dad so he clicked with the song and concept, and we just made it happen.

Charlie B feat. Los - "Make You Proud" Any other potential features coming up?

Charlie B: At this moment, none, but I see a few in the near future, can't say just yet. What music videos have been planned for this effort?

Charlie B: "Make You Proud" so far, and we are letting the fans determine what my next single and music video will be. I have a lot of fans that like to comment, so it's a good way to gauge their interest. What tour dates and or shows have your team set up thus far?

Charlie B: As of now, the focus is expanding and finding the markets where I have the most fans and dominating that market. Tour dates will be coming soon, and I can't wait. Explain your role in charitable organizations that support at risk youth and orphans, and how that impacts your music.

Charlie B: It brings the energy and inspirational lyrics out of me; as a ghostwriter, I can write almost any type of song, no matter the genre, but inspiring music that gives orphans and kids at youth centers hope is the music I love to make the most. It's nothing I have to force; it just comes out. My life story had left me in a dark place without having much hope when I was a kid, so I don't want them to have to experience that. And if they do experience it, I want them to be able to look through my music and find their favorite song that helps them feel like anything is possible.

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