Viacom Wants Game To Pay Their Legal Bills Over Sex Assault Lawsuit

Viacom demanding their money back after defending the Compton rapper.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Viacom is not settling when it comes to their money.

After winning their legal battle with The Game in court earlier this year, they are adamant he picks up their legal bill too.

The Blast obtained documents stating the media company wants to be compensated after it was forced into court over a $20 million lawsuit Game filed, which stemmed from an alleged assault during the filming of his dating show on VH1, "She Got Game."

A woman named Priscilla Rainey accused The Game of sexually assaulting her and ending up winning the lawsuit.  

The Compton rapper in turn sued Viacom, after he was hit with $7.1 million judgment from the cast membership.

Game claimed Viacom should have covered the bill because they casted Rainey, even though she had a criminal history of felony arrests and suffered from mental health problems.

In June, a judge sided with Viacom and dismissed the case and also denied the rapper any opportunity to amend his complaint.

Viacom is seeking $35,729.50 in legal fees.