VIBE Awards Marred By Violence

The 2nd Annual VIBE music awards were marred by violence according to sources at Santa Monica Municipal Airport in Los Angeles, a fracas that resulted in a temporary stoppage of the event.

While the details are vague, Dr. Dre was slated to receive the Vibe Legend Award for his achievements and contributions to Hip-Hop over the course of his life. Listen to Suge Knights comments on Dre's award.

A source at the event told, “All hell broke loose tonight and a melee ensued involving Quincy Jones, Snoop, Dr. Dre, Suge Knight and G Unit. Someone sucker punched Dr. Dre while Snoop and Quincy were about to present him with a special award. All hell broke loose. Celebrities were running for cover.” Initial reports suggested that either Knight or a member of G-Unit was stabbed, but apparently neither is correct. Listen to Suge Knights response about being involved in the stabbing incident.

A representative for the Vibe Awards called the matter a "disruption" that didn't prevent the show from finishing.

The show was temporarily halted, but eventually resumed. More details will be unveiled as they are available.

The show is expected to be televised on Tuesday Nov. 16.