Vic Mensa Arrested For Brass Knuckles

AllHipHop Staff

Vic Mensa has gotten in a bit of trouble for allegedly owning brass knuckles.

(AllHipHop News) Seems like Vic Mensa wants to be ready if somebody tests him in the streets. A recent report suggests the notion strongly based on arrest for brass knuckles. 

TMZ reports that Vic was in possession of brass knuckles after being pulled over for an unsafe turn on a motorcycle in Glendale, California. The brass knuckles were allegedly revealed after a pat down of the Chicago rapper. Brass knuckles are illegal in California. 

The cops arrested Vic on the spot and he was released on a $20,0000 bond later.

At press time, Mensa has not commented on the arrest or the allegations against him.

AllHipHop will continue to offer an update on the matter.