Vic Mensa Blasts Arming School Teachers, Calls For Ban On AR-15 Rifles

The Roc Nation emcee joins the debate on gun control.

(AllHipHop News) The tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida sparked national debates about gun reform. Many of the classmates and friends of the seventeen people killed during the massacre have called for new legislation such as funding mental health programs, outlawing bump stocks, improving the federal background check system, and raising the age to purchase rifles to 21.

Donald Trump proposed the controversial policy of arming teachers nationwide as a deterrent to possible school shooters. The idea was met with pushback, including from Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and other Congressional Republicans.

Roc Nation emcee Vic Mensa is among the detractors of the President's more guns in schools suggestion. He blasted the idea while speaking with TMZ.

"Giving guns to teachers is absolutely asinine," declared Mensa. "It's so backward. Anybody saying that has clearly never been to a public school. And it's all just a diversion from big money lobbyists with the NRA."

Additionally, the "We Could Be Free" rhymer called for a ban on AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. The legal firearm was a weapon of choice in the mass shootings that took place in Parkland, Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Sutherland Springs.

According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, 66 percent of the country supports stricter gun laws, a rise of 19 points since two years ago. 97 percent of respondents want universal background checks and even 50 percent of firearm owners back more stringent gun laws.

"It's not a complicated issue. These weapons are unnecessary. And I say that as a legal gun owner that also is fighting a gun case in California," added Mensa.

Guns are the overall problem how about we stop killing each other smoke some bud and laugh together instead

If u give a gun to a person who knows how to shoot them then it’s a problem banning guns is not the answer and neither is weed

Why didn’t the policemen go in the school and save those innocent children’s life that’s what your supposed to do the policemen should be fired.

The reason I’m going to learn how to use a gun is to protect my friends and family from danger