Vic Mensa Honors His Late Friend, Offers Thoughts On Uplifting Chicago's Black Community

The Windy City emcee has a personal message about what's happening in his hometown.

(AllHipHop News) Earlier this year, Vic Mensa went viral when his appearance on Everyday Struggle included the rapper blasting the show's host, DJ Akademiks, for his "satirical" coverage of the violence in Chicago.

Mensa further explained his issues with Akademiks' "The War In Chiraq" YouTube series and how it relates to the death of his friend Nigell Vazquez.

The Autobiography album creator posted a message on Instagram honoring Vazquez. He also addressed the physical, educational and financial barriers affecting the black community in Chicago.

Rest in Peace Nigell. A lot of people saw my interview on Everyday Struggles, and my interaction with a certain internet personality... All of that was really in memory of this man, gone too soon but not forgotten. I think a lot of people see the murders in Chicago and are desensitized to it, like it's just numbers photos and twitter handles. These are real people we've lost and don't ever play yourself and think the violence is not by design. The city blueprints set blacks to be segregated by the highways and red-lining made sure we could only live in the ghettos. The ghettos where the text books are 20 years old, the ambulances don't come, theres no trauma unit and you can't buy vegetables for miles. They keep us in a poisonous environment and wonder why we are toxic. Bullet holes in the stop signs, vacant lots take up half of every street. Don't n*ggas pay taxes too? Seems like that $ only builds up the white neighborhoods and puts good teachers in their schools... We already know the help is not coming from outside so it's time for us to start supporting and prioritizing our community.

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Is it jus me or does this photo of vice mensa looks sus? Im jus sayn tho.