Vic Mensa Is About To Drop A Punk Rock Album With These Rock Legends

Rapper Vic Mensa is planning to stay busy in 2019 with an album and some merch.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Vic Mensa has recruited rocker Travis Barker to work on a forthcoming punk album to tie in with a new clothing line.

Vic is gearing up to launch his vintage-style brand 93 Punks, and he hopes to drop the collection at the same time as his next musical release.

The rapper said the new album will embrace an edgier vibe than his 2017 debut The Autobiography and his new EP "Hooligans."

"It's going to be releasing with a project that's a punk project," Vic told Apple Music's Beats 1.

"I have these different energies, just rap songs that I had made - and I was also making this punk music (at the same time). I took the records that were more in a rap space and made this project (Hooligans) out of them. And the punk records are going to be on that (other) album."

He's turned to Blink-182 drummer Travis to help develop his rock sound, and has lined up another collaboration with singer Joel Madden.

"Travis Barker is working with me on the punk album," Vic explained. "He's going to be executive-producing it, hopefully. The Clash and the Dead Kennedys are my two favorite bands. But I'm also pulling inspiration from Blink. I've got an ill record on there from Joel Madden from Good Charlotte."

Vic, who is signed to JAY-Z's Roc Nation label, has been developing the 93 Punks collection for over a year, after initially repurposing old leather jackets for his own use.

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Shawn Brown from Dagnasty would be cool as the singer, or HR from Bad Brains (provided he's well enough to helm the mic???), Dave Smallee from ALL/DYS, Kevin Seconds from 7 Seconds/5' 10"/BurnBabyBurn/Drop Acid, etc........... anyone but dude from Good Charlotte 🤮


Update.. If Rebirth was the Rap/Rock album.. he actually did sell 775,000 copies 8 years ago.. but it was Lil Wayne still close to prime.. Snoop Lion sold 104,000 copies in 2013..


Jesus. Joel madden is the kiss of death. good luck with that.. I can’t think of a single rapper who’s successfully switched genre.. how did Wayne go with that country/rock album? Wonder how Snoop did with that reggae shite.