Vic Mensa: Landlord Kicked Out Nonprofit Organization Over "Camp America" Video

The visuals show white children being held in cages.

(AllHipHop News) Last month, Vic Mensa and his 93PUNX band released the music video for "Camp America." The vid is a takedown of Donald Trump's controversial immigration detention policy for Central American migrant children at the US-Mexico border.

According to Mensa, "Camp America" could cost his Save Money, Save Life Foundation nonprofit organization a rental space. The Chicago-bred emcee posted a lengthy Twitter thread accusing a landlord named Jim Mason of being upset over the content in the visuals.

Vic wrote:

So today, were unloading trucks from @complexcon @ our office in Little Village when the landlord begins harassing the director of my nonprofit. He told her that I was a “disgusting pig” cause of the Camp America video and threatened if we didnt leave to be “hostile”. When told that the video was shedding light on the reality of migrants he said “what happens at the border is none of my business” and that this was “racism against white people.” A sign in his office said “if you don’t speak english go back to Mexico”. Keep in mind that all the kids in the video were accompanied by parents and were hired professionally. Keep in mind that this man owns apartments all thru Little Village, one of Chicago’s largest Latinx communities, yet cares nothing about the oppression they face. This is the definition of white supremacy, the idea that even imagining the tortures done to people of color happening to white people is reason enough to kick paying tenants out a building and scream at them in the street. This co-opting of the word “racist” is exactly what... Donald Trump has done by calling AOC & Ilhan Omar racist for criticizing US policy, as I have done with my music. So we have now been kicked out of our office in a MEXICAN neighborhood for opposing the treatment of Latinx people in America. The mans name is Jim Mason & his company is Midtown LLC. He has no place in our community, thinks Spanish speakers should go back where they came from, & doesnt deserve our business. With that being said if you own real estate in Chicago we need a new space 🤷🏽‍♂️.