Vic Mensa Shares A Conversation Jay-Z Had With Secretive Street Artist Banksy

After selling for 1 million pounds at a London auction, “Girl with Balloon” was instantly destroyed.

(AllHipHop News) Vic Mensa stopped by Ebro Darden's Beats 1 radio show to promote his new EP titled Hooligans. While on the Apple Music program, Mensa shared a conversation his Roc Nation boss Jay-Z had with the England-based, enigmatic street artist known as Banksy.

"I was having this conversation with Hov the other day and I was playing him one of the 93 Punks records. That record - it's subject matter is like a real incident that happened recently," recalled Vic. "It's so much carnage and it's so dark that he was like 'Damn, I want to dance to it, but it's hard to, knowing what the lyrics are about.'"

Mensa continued, "I told him, 'That's kinda what I meant to do is make people uncomfortable.' Then he started telling me this story about how he reached out to Banksy when Banksy did that shredder on the painting that sold all crazy. Hov was like, 'I respect the way you're on these n*ggas neck right now.' And Banksy's like, 'You really let me know I could do it when you had the Lourve ushering you and Beyonce through the museum and you made 'Big Pimpin.'' At its essence, the sh*t that we're doing is counterculture."

In 2017, Jay-Z praised his musical protégé at a listening party for The Autobiography album. Hov stated, "Vic is a very special talent. He can do everything - sing well, rap well. He even engineers himself sometimes. He's an incredible artist, like a once in a lifetime artist."

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banksy is trvsh and so is jayz they should be talking together