Victim Says Sigel Shot Him For No Reason

Beanie Sigel's attempted murder trial is underway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the man central to the rapper's future testified against him in court yesterday.Sigel is accused of shooting 27-year-old Terrance Speller in the abdomen and foot last July, during an altercation outside a Philadelphia strip club known as The Pony Tail."I heard a screeching stop and I seen the truck and I seen him getting out," Speller testified. "He started walking towards me...he raises his gun and starts firing."Speller said that he greeted Sigel outside of the strip club with several other associates prior to the shooting.Later as Speller and an associate were walking down 52nd Street, he said a woman overheard their conversation and thought they were referring to her.The woman told her mother, who happened to be dating Sigel.Speller said that Sigel shot him to "uphold his reputation." Upon that comment, Sigel's lawyer moved for a mistrial, but the judge denied the request and told jurors to ignore the chatter about Sigel's street reputation.On cross examination, Speller's testimony appeared to breakdown, as Speller contradicted what he told police after the shooting."I was scared - I just got shot for nothing," Speller said.