Victory For Hip-Hop: Mayor Vows To Help NY Schools

New York City Mayor Bloomberg signed a deal with

the United Federation Of Teachers last week, granting 80,000 New York teachers

pay raises of 16% to 22%. The deal came on the heels of the 100,000 strong protest

staged by the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network

and the UFT. The mayor had originally planned to cut over $1 billion dollars

from the New York public school system. "I commit to you today, I will

make the schools better," Bloomberg vowed. "I want to be held accountable

for the results, and I will be."

Bloomberg recently won control of the New York

school system after New York Governor Pataki signed into law legislation that

ended 33 years of decentralized school management. The new law handed power

over the school system to the Mayor. On July 1st, the Board Of Education will

be replaced with a 13 member panel, eight who will be appointed by the Mayor.

Mayor Bloomberg is also expected to restore roughly 2/3rd's of the operating

budget for the school, or roughly $250 million dollars.

"This is a clear cut victory for hip-hop,"

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Chairman Russell Simmons told "This

should give us all an understanding of the power hip-hop possesses."

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