VIDEO: Catch Up On Everything "The Dark Knight Rises" With This New 13-Minute Featurette

AllHipHop Staff

We, as the movie-going public, are officially 11 days away from having our beloved Batman trilogy come to a close under director Christopher Nolan. Since we've been covering the film's visual treats for the past several months, it is only right that, with less than two weeks until we get to witness "the legend end" in glorious IMAX (the best way to see this movie), we make sure you have a brand-new 13-minute featurette on your radar.

The purpose of the exclusive behind-the-scenes look is to catch fans up on what they will be getting when The Dark Knight Rises hits movie screens worldwide, and an inside look at how exactly the film was made. Be warned that 95 percent of what is included in the video below has been seen before through various teasers, trailers, and TV spots. However, there are a few new shots and some footage that hasn't been officially released, so if you'd prefer to stay totally devoid of anything The Dark Knight Rises until you see the film, don't watch the video.

We are given a good deal of information on the characters of The Dark Knight Rises, their motives, and where they fit into Nolan's vision of Batman, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the director and his crew shooting several scenes and exploring how a number of the effects, gadgets, and vehicles were created.

Check out The Dark Knight Rises featurette below:

The Dark Knight Rises opens everywhere on July 20.