Video Game Co. Sues Eminem

Detroit rapper Eminem faces yet another legal quandary after a Los Angeles-based video game company has filed a lawsuit claiming that the rapper breached a contract with them to create a video game with his licensed hip-hop music.

Conspiracy Entertainment of L.A. filed the lawsuit claiming that the multi-platinum rapper was guilty of fraud and contract breach when he allegedly reneged on a deal to create the video game. According to published reports, Conspiracy said their deal was brokered through Eminem’s agents, Cousins Entertainment and Bravado International

In their suit, Conspiracy hopes to obtain $5 million from the rapper for unnamed damages and lost revenue from the licensing deal.

In a statement, Conspiracy CEO Keith Tanaka said, “We were not aware of any problems until we started getting some press on our new product. Then we started hearing rumors about Eminem negotiating a better deal with Rockstar Games or some other big video game publisher. Apparently, our deal must have been in the way because there was no other reason for Bravado and Cousins to stop us from introducing a video game that was approved before the contract ever got signed.”

The video game company stated that they sought a speedy resolution to the conflict and that Eminem was fully aware of the litigation against him.

Originally the game was deemed, "Mix TV Presents: Eminem" and it was designed to challenge players’ minds, as they attempt to solve puzzles before the end of the Eminem song.

Conspiracy secured the rights to use Eminem's songs on several different video game and computer platforms. The game makers boasted a mature version and an edited version for children, who are also fans of the rapper.

The lawsuit will certainly doom possibility of a "The Slim Shady Show" 3-D video game that was slated to drop in 2004 with Conspiracy anchoring the project.