Video Tape Captures Men Getting Into Lil Kim's Limo

Four gunmen suspected in the

shootout between the CNN camp and Lil Kim's entourage were caught

on videotape climbing into Lil Kim's limo directly after the

shooting, in downtown Manhattan.

The videotape, which

was taken from a surveillance camera on a nearby building shows

the men getting back into the limo about a half a block from

Hot 97's offices.

The limo was already

in motion and slowed to allow the men to get inside. Lil Kim

has denied any involvement in the shooting, in which a CNN affiliated

man, Efrain Ocasio, was shot in the back amidst a hail of at

least 22 bullets. Kim stated that she left 15 minutes before

the shooting. The official statement from Hillary Weston was:

``Lil' Kim and her security had nothing to do whatsoever with

the incident. Kim had no knowledge of any argument nor what

instigated the gunfire.''

The videotape did not capture the shooting, which is still being