VIDEO: Theory Hazit's "OL D3RTY HAZIT"

Underground Hip-Hop MC and Cincinnati native Theory Hazit has been on a consistent grind since releasing a handful of early albums between 2002 and 2006, eventually leading to a relationship with Braille of Lightheaded on the record label, Hip-Hop Is Music.

In 2007, Theory dropped successful debut album, Extra Credit, which, for those who heard it, seated him as one of the most compelling MCs in the Hip-Hop community. Fans were drawn to his production, witty lyrics, and personal insight into his family life. Riding the buzz of Extra Credit, Theory, along with Vintage, released Lord Fire in 2008, which set ablaze any doubters or skeptics. Theory Hazit proved to be the real deal.

Mr. Hazit went on to link up with producer Toni Shift and began work on the album, Modern Marvels, in 2009. In 2010, Theory, who is equally strong on the production side, teamed up with LMNO (Visionaries) to paint the landscape for Determined To Fly, producing the entire LP. Determined to Fly was part of LMNO's 10-album series entitled, Push That Work.

Most recently, Theory Hazit has joined Humble Beast Records based in Portland, OR (Braille, Propaganda, Odd Thomas, Beautiful Eulogy, Alert, and Lee Green). His latest album, THR3E, is satisfying Hip-Hop hopefuls with its Golden Era reminiscent sound and tracks like the wordplay-heavy, "OL D3RTY HAZIT".

Check out the visual below:

You can purchase THR3E on iTunes now or get a free download HERE. 

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