Vince Staples' #GTFOMD GoFundMe Page Restored After Being Removed

The California-raised rhymer releases a new track titled "Get The F-ck Off My D-ck."

(AllHipHop News) Vince Staples is going hard for his campaign to raise $2 million from his detractors. His "Get The F-ck Off My D-ck" GoFundMe page was temporarily deleted, but it's now active once again.

The online fundraiser was revived following Vince taking to Twitter to question GoFundMe's decision to remove his "retirement" pledge drive. He also tweeted pleads of help to Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and the ABC talk show The View.

"So can somebody at [GoFundMe] tell me why they took my campaign down? Why must thy block my blessings!!" wrote the Long Beach native. "Somebody call [The Ellen Show] better get call [Oprah] and the whole [The View.] We gonna need everybody to fight this injustice. #GTFOMD will live."

Staples later returned to the social media site to post, "Wow. I want everybody to thank Kelsey for protecting my future and reinstating my campaign. What a way to finish up International Women’s Day."

As of press time, the #GTFOMD GoFundMe campaign has only raised $1,480. However, Vince Staples got a lot of online buzz for his new song "Get The F-ck Off My D-ck."

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This dude is brilliant. This is dope beyond words.