Vince Staples Releases Official Trailer For 'The Vince Staples Show' Project

"It's not necessarily an album. I don't really know what it is."

(AllHipHop News) Vincent Jamal Staples is starting a new chapter in his career. The Long Beach, California representative recently signed a deal with Motown Records/Blacksmith Recordings.

Following the label announcement, fans of the wordsmith better known as Vince Staples were informed to be on the lookout for a new project. An official trailer for The Vince Staples Show was published to YouTube this week.

"I hope all 15 of my fans watch the show!" tweeted the 26-year-old Odd Future associate on Monday. The Vince Staples Show is scheduled to arrive on August 22.

Previously, Vince spoke about his forthcoming effort. He told Unbothered host Jemele Hill, "It's not necessarily an album. I don't really know what it is. We'll see what they call it in the comments and we'll go with that."

As a Def Jam artist, Staples released the studio LPs Summertime '06, Big Fish Theory, and FM!. His music discography also includes the songs "Norf Norf," "Big Fish," "Get The F*ck Off My D*ck," and "Fun!"