Vince Staples Won't Be Happy Until Someone Is Dead In Pusha T/Drake Feud

Vince Staples offered up his thoughts on the beef between Pusha T and Drake.

(AllHipHop News) Vince Staples is the latest rapper to weigh in on the Pusha T/Drake feud.

The two rappers are engaged in a serious war of words, which only seems to be escalating.

West coast rapper Vince Staples has been keeping an eye on their war, but he is not paying close attention.

During an interview at Primavera Sound Festival, where Vince is one of the headliners, he offered up his opinion on the Pusha T/Drake situation, and it was pretty dark.

"I don't like rap beef, I want somebody to die," Vince Staples said. "If we gonna mean and just talk about each other like I want someone to die. That's how I feel."

Vince further expounded upon his reasoning.

"Until somebody dies, I don't care. If we gonna be negative, lets just get all the way negative. When somebody dies I'll pay attention. If we not going there, then why we doing it?"

Vince then lightened the mood up a bit.

"With that being said, please don't talk about me in songs," Vince joked. "Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you and I'll give you a ride in my car - if it's charged."