Violator All-Star DJ Coalition Launches

Violator mogul Chris Lighty

is launching a new coalition aimed at unifying radio DJ's across the country.The Violator All-Star DJ's, named after Lighty's company, aims to create a union of DJ's that he and co-founder DJ Scrap Dirty say is currently fragmented.

"I started carrying crates for Red Alert," Lighty told

"We wanted to build a situation for the DJ's who might need more muscle.

It's an honor to give back to the DJ's, create an outlet for everyone and show

how important these guys are."

DJ Scrap Dirty, who also founded the DJ coalition The Tech.Nitions, said that

the mixshow DJ community was suffering from infighting, something Violator All-Star

DJ's hope to end.

"This click and that click are bickering and me and Chris want to bring

everyone back together," said Scrap, who was Kurupt's road manager and

currently DJ's for Daz Dillinger.

"It's tough. You have 35-year-old men barely making money and have no health

insurance. We want to change that. This is like a management company for DJ's."

Lighty said the DJ's will benefit from the strength of Violator, the company

he helms that represents such acts as 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes and

Mobb Deep.

"It don't matter if you are down with someone,"Lighty said. "We

aren't saying you gotta drop them and be with us. We just want to bring the

community back together." Interested

commercial mixshow DJ's can reach DJ Scrap Dirty at: