Violator All-Star DJ's Drop K-Swift Dedication Album

AllHipHop Staff

Violator All-Star DJs and M.I.A. are partnering with Koch Entertainment to celebrate and support the release of the late K-Swift’s Greatest Hits album.

K-Swift, real name Khia Edgerton, died in a tragic pool accident on July 21.

A growing star, Swift at the time of her death had the one of the top rated radio shows in the Baltimore market, a wildly popular mixtape series entitled The Jump Off and was an artist on Unruly Records.

The day of her death, Swift had signed a major deal to nationally distribute the series.

The new album drew the attention of international pop star M.I.A., who decided to temporarily suspend her music “retirement” to host the album.

As an artist whose music owes a large debt to Baltimore’s club music scene, M.I.A. felt obligated to contribute as much as she could to honor K-Swift’s legacy.

Violator DJs Scrap Dirty and AB Butler will do in store promotional appearances in New York, Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia to promote the album.

For Dirty, his participation is the manifestation of a personal vow to keep K-Swift’s name alive in music.

“This project is dear to me and I think this will keep my lil’ sister K-Swift’s legacy alive,” Dirty explained to “I will make sure that everyone will continue to feel her presence from here to eternity.”

Butler adds that in K-Swift, Baltimore has also lost a positive face and champion of their distinctive club music scene.

“Swift was very influential in the music area and definitely was the face of club music,” he explained. “I can’t begin to say how much we will miss her. I was an honor to have her as one of our own.”

A portion of the albums sales will go to K-Swfit’s non-profit seminary for inner city youth seeking scholarships in broadcast journalism and entertainment fields.

K-Swift’s Greatest Hits is available now at all music retail outlets.