Violator All-Star DJ's Land Show On Sirius

The Violator All-Star

DJ’s have landed a new show on Sirius Satellite Radio titled Violator All-Star

DJ’s Uncut Radio.

The new show will

feature various Violator DJ’s showcasing their skills, new music and emerging

Hip-Hop artists.

Violator All-Star

DJ’s is a coalition of nationally renowned DJ’s and was founded

by Violator CEO Chris Lighty and industry veteran, DJ Scrap Dirty.

"The Violator

All-Star DJ's are excited for the opportunity to expand their reach," co-founder

Scrap Dirty told "Our combined listening audience is over

15 million in the U.S. and now with Sirius, we have the opportunity to expand

our reach internationally."

Listeners can expect

to hear mixes by DJ Ace and DJ Rob Lo of New York, DJ Scrap Dirty and Boolu

Master of Chicago, Wally Sparks of Chattanooga, Tennessee, 007 of Houston, K-Swift

of Baltimore, DJ Raj Smoove of New Orleans and others.

"Our mix show

on Sirius highlights Violator artists and also delivers street bangers and club

hits from the East Coast, West Coast, dirty South and Midwest," said Chris

Lighty, CEO of Violator and co-founder of Violator All-Star DJs.

Violator was started

as a management company and has evolved to include a record label, a marketing

group, the Violator All-Star DJ Squad and other businesses.

The show airs on

Sundays from 10pm EST to 12am EST on Sirius’ Hip-Hop Nation, channel 40.