Violence Erupts At Cash Money Show


Cash Money Concert at

the Oakland Coliseum was cancelled on Friday after a crowd stormed

the arena to gain entry and battled with the audience already

inside, the Alameda County Sheriff's Department said on Saturday.

According to sources, Eve, BG and Juvenile were scheduled to perform.

Lt. J.C. Maldonado said approximately 12,500 people were on hand

Friday night to hear performances by three acts when the disruption



crowd outside the Coliseum broke down doors and stormed the arena

floor, authorities said. Chairs were thrown and one person was

tossed off a balcony. ``One of the sheriff's patrol vehicles had

its windscreen broken by a bottle while shots were reported in

and outside the arena,'' Maldonado said in a statement. Coliseum

officials cancelled the remainder of the concert, police said.

At the height of the fracas, 60 Alameda County sheriff's deputies

were at the facility, as were officers from the Oakland Police

Department and other local police.


California Highway Patrol briefly closed several local highway

ramps to keep vehicles away. Maldonado said about 25 people were

injured, including a deputy sheriff who was struck in the head

with a chair, one person was reportedly stabbed and a number of

Coliseum staff members were injured. There were no reports of