Violence Follows Ja Rule To New York

A week after violence

erupted at an after party that was to feature The Inc. rapper Ja Rule in Peoria,

Illinois, more violence occurred last night in Ja’s hometown of New York,

this time resulting in death.

Two men left the

LQ club on Manhattan’s Eastside and opened fire on two men they argued

with earlier in the evening, during a holiday celebration hosted by Ja Rule

and Hot 97's DJ Envy.

One man, 39, was

shot in the torso and buttocks and was pronounced dead hours later at an area

hospital. The second man, 36, was shot in the stomach and is in stable condition.

Police have not

spoken to the second man due to his condition, but reports confirmed both men

are from Queens.

No suspects have

been apprehended and police are scanning footage from multiple cameras in the

club that may have captured the altercation.

Witnesses described

the gunman as a man in his 20’s, wearing a yellow coat as he fled the

scene of the shooting.

Police recovered

a handgun and multiple shell casings as well.

Officials are investigating

the shooting to see if its drug related, or connected to a string of club shootings

in New York.

The Inc. is currently

under federal investigation due to their association with Kenneth “Supreme”


The government

accuses The Inc. of helping McGriff, former Queen’s drug kingpin, launder

millions in drug proceeds through their record label.

McGriff is also

being investigated for his alleged role in 8 other murders, including that of

Queen’s rapper, E Money Bags.

The Inc. CEO Irv

Gotti has repeatedly denied knowledge of any wrongdoing, stating that he was

simply helping a childhood friend gain entry into the music business.

In November, a

book keeper for The Inc. was indicted for alleged money laundering. Ja Rule’s

manager was arrested a short time later for the same charges. Both have denied

any wrongdoing.

Sources have stated

that Irv Gotti will be indicted on alleged tax evasion charges as well.