Virgil Abloh Could Lose All Profits From OFF-WHITE Company If Rival Has Its Way

AllHipHop Staff

A New York business says Virgil ruined their company by stealing the name.

(AllHipHop News) Virgil Abloh could lose all of the money he has made from his OFF-WHITE brand, over claims he ripped off the name and ruined a company in the process.

Another New York-based advertising and marketing company called OFFWHITE filed a lawsuit against Virgil and his fashion company, claiming they have been using the name since the 1990s.

The owners of OFFWHITE claim they have operated their website since 2001, and they obtained trademarks for the name in 2014.

The guys behind OFFWHITE could be in for a battle because Virgil launched his company, which launched in 2012.

Still, they allege they have been firing off cease and desist letters to Virgil, who has simply ignored their threats according to TheBlast.

So now, OFFWHITE is suing Virgil and OFF-WHITE for all of their profits they have ever made, in addition to asking for an injunction to prevent Virgil from using the name anymore.