Vita Not Dropped – She Leaves Murder Inc

Vita has decided to disassociate with Murder Inc, her label home of two years, Def Jam confirmed with Representatives for Def Jam said that the rapper was not dropped, but “requested to leave and was allowed to.”

Vita anticipated dropping her first full-length album, La Vita Dolce ("The Good Life"), later this year.

In an interview at Urban Aid, Vita indicated to AllHipHop that she was content with the label and that patience was imperative to achieve a high level of success.

Vita, who performed a duet with mega-star Ja Rule on "Put It on Me," wanted write her own rhymes, but wasn’t allowed to according to Irv Gotti.

“The chemistry was with me coming up with concepts and [Caddillac] Tah writing the hooks,” Gotti said to, “Or Ja coming up with concepts and writing the songs.”

According to Gottie, Vita “spazzed out,” but “Charlie Baltimore lit a fire under her ass” and “she had a major refocus.”

Originally Vita was signed to Murder Inc as a favor to Gotti’s long-term friend director Hype Williams, who like the way Vita could be projected in video. William featured Vita in a cameo in his feature, “Belly,” Gotti said.

Vita was featured on two Murder Inc compilations; Irv Gotti Presents ... the Inc and 2000’s Irv Gotti Presents The Murderers.

“The Inc” debuted at number three on the Billboard album charts, selling more than 190,000 units in its first week.

At press time, Vita had not signed to another label.