Vivica Breaks Silence On 50 Cent

After the 2004 BET Awards, actress Vivica Fox angrily

balked at the notion that she used 50 Cent’s popularity to further her own

career during their short relationship.

“50 Cent might like to think he made me

sexy but I just had to get that out in the universe and let him know no he did

not," Fox told reporters at a press conference during the BET Awards. "Y'all

don't know... I've been quiet for nine long months!"

Fox said that she held no ill will against 50

Cent, but said that she didn’t appreciate him violating her privacy. “He

made it public and he pitted a sister and a brother against one anothe and that

was wrong,” she reasoned.

And of her own career, Fox pointed out her longevity

as an actress in Hollywood, with roles in such blockbusters as “Independence

Day” and the “Kill Bill” movie series.

"I've been in the game for 10, 15 years.

I didn't need to exploit or use nobody,” she said. “I haven't gotta

use nobody for no cover of no magazine.”