Volvo Taps Hip-Hop Artists To Sell New Car

Volvo Cars of North America (VCNA) has tapped

Hip-Hop music to help sell their latest automobile in a new advertising campaign.

Starting in March, advertisements featuring the

music of Dilated Peoples will be heard nationwide, promoting the new Volvo S40.

LL Cool J handled the voice-overs, while music-video director Dave Meyers shot

the commercials.

"It's not enough to just reach people with

a campaign," said Thomas Anderson, VCNA Executive Vice President, Marketing.

"We want to go beyond that and touch and move people as well. "The

campaign is surprising, refreshing and cool, yet reassuringly Volvo at the same

time. The tone we are using is youthful and confident, but not arrogant. With

this campaign we will show that Volvo can be sexy and fun."

The campaign covers television, movie theaters,

the Internet, Virgin Megastores, Bloomingdales and other outlets. On television

the ad is prepared to run on Comedy Central, E!, ESPN, The Learning Channel

and VH1.