Wack100 Goes In On 40 Glocc Over Pregnant Teen Rumors

AllHipHop Staff

Wack100 has replied to 40 Glocc's latest claims against Game.

(AllHipHop News) The Game's manager Wack100 is shooting down 40 Glocc's latest claims that the Compton rapper impregnated a 15-year-old girl.

Reports claimed Game had sex with a 15-year-old from the U.K. who was supposedly expecting the rapper's child.

In October, Game was forced to address the rumors, which were running rampant on social media.

Last week, 40 Glocc hit the headlines when he posted an alleged conversation between himself and the girl, claiming Game and Wack100 were paying to keep her silent.

Over the weekend, Wack100 addressed the claims head-on via his InstaStory.

"Do you know how high profile me and my client is? Dummy? If anything of that nature was to go on motherf##ker do you understand the police is coming to get us? Dummy? We jaywalk and motherf##kers see it and they coming to get us dummy. Listening to a motherf##ker who been knocked out, beat up, shot five times, took ni##as to court and all kinds of weird s##t," ack said.

Wack100 offered to take things off of social media.

Wack said if it were true, someone should be able to produce a receipt of the wire transfer since it would have been an international transaction.

"Tell that nigga to come on out here and play. Stop woofin' behind Instagram and come out here and play," Wack100 said.

Earlier this month, 40 Glocc sued Game in court, claiming Game is creating shell companies in order to avoid paying a judgment over an infamous fight between the two men in 2012.


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Ayo. Who's writing these articles? The wack100 quote "Do you know.." never ends.