Waka Flocka Bans Lil Xan From Hip Hop Over Comments About 2Pac

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The ATL rhymer is not feeling what Diego said about the legendary emcee.

(AllHipHop News) It's been a rough week in the media for Lil Xan. The rapper born Diego Leanos had a somewhat challenging interview with Hot 97, and now the 21-year-old is catching heat for comments he made last month about Tupac Shakur.

During an interview with Revolt, the California native ranked 2Pac at 2/9 and called the icon's music "boring." That opinion led to Atlanta rhymer Waka Flocka Flame kicking Xan out of the culture.

"LiL Xan banned from hip hop," tweeted Waka. "Pac help me get thru childhood!!! Sh-t hurt to see the youth disrespect man that paved the way for all of us literally... I hope nobody overlook [my] accomplishments when I leave."

This controversy comes after Xan announced he would no longer being doing interviews. He posted on Twitter, "I love my fans to death but I can’t let these companies keep taking advantage of me and using me to further there [sic] sh-t, it’s f-cked."

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everbody has there favorite MCs, athletes etc, so who is to call someone out over their opinion? Waka is wack so how Pac influence him, if his music is garbage but pac's music was great to him lol


Who is lil xan? But i'm with Waka. These lil dudes will do anything for attention. Lil zane must not know that the Thug Nation is still deep in every city.