Wake For X-Clan's Professor X Announced

A wake for deceased X-Clan member Professor X will take place Thursday (March 23) at the House of Our Lord Church in Brooklyn, New York, from 3 p.m.-9 p.m.

Professor X, born Lumumba Carson, founder of the Blackwatch Movement, died in Brooklyn March 17 from spinal meningitis.

According to X-Clan frontman Grand Verbalizer Funkinlesson, aka Brother J, the group plans on relaying Professor X's message to the next generation of X-Clan fans.

"With regret, Professor X...was not previously recorded to include his energy on the [new X-Clan] project, but the blueprint to resurrect the efforts of the Blackwatch Movement of this millennium will be carried out," said Brother J. "We of the X-Clan sincerely hope that the efforts of Professor X will not be overlooked as the history of the original X-Clan has been."

Since its formation, X-Clan has aimed to spread and influence pride in the Black community through Hip-Hop.

The group released two albums, To the East, Blackwards (1990) and Xodus


Professor X has been responsible for show promotion and management for many groups in Hip Hop's golden era, including Whodini.

For more information, visit www.xclanmusic.com.