Wale Addresses Depression & Anxiety In A Tweet Spree About His "New Single"

Folarin insists his new music will be 🔥.

(AllHipHop News) Mental health has become a serious topic in Hip Hop over the last several years. Artists and media personalities have advocated for therapy to deal with depression, anxiety, and other concerns.

Yesterday, Wale took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the subject. He tweeted, "My new single called 'I’m not really good at social events cuz everybody hates me in my mind and that is the root of anxiety so imagine having to live in your head n ppl ask you for pics and you tryna love yourself more but it’s hard because you dealin wit shyt' drops in 4 weeks."

The Maryland emcee's follow-up tweet also dealt with the idea of maintaining a sound mind. Wale posted, "My new single called 'depression is not an aesthetic' dropping in foe."

Over several minutes, Wale also joked that his "new single" will cover topics such as "Old Town Road," Deion Sanders, white people touching his hair, and Game of Thrones. The 34-year-old musician appeared to take a serious turn at one point.

"I been droppin hints. Airing out my mental hardships, dressing my fears and pain in sarcasm and stress eating this whole time nobody knew or asked questions.. however the music fye," wrote Wale.

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Wale has a big ego and arrogant. Should have been working on self


Its a shame cuz this nigga had talent back then, then just straight fell off, depression, always unhappy and broke