Wale Allegedly Gets Into Physical Altercation With Wrestling Fan, Addresses It On Twitter


Wrestling is fake. Twitter is realistic. Earlier tonight (March 31st), Wale allegedly got into an altercation with an audience member at the WWE Raw event in Washington, D.C. over a few disparaging tweets.

by Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)
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(AllHipHop  News) The two men were in attendance at the Verizon Center for the WWE’s Monday Night Raw and engaged in a short back-and-forth on Twitter. The audience member threatened to deliver one of the most well known wrestling moves of the last 15 years on the Maybach Music Group rapper:

You at Monday night raw fuckboy? Come see me in the ring and catch this stunner @wale
— Side Show Joe (@Chefboyrnach) April 1, 2014

@Wale LLLMMMMMMMAAAAOOOOO couple rows away breh
— Side Show Joe (@Chefboyrnach) April 1, 2014

According to multiple accounts from attendees at the Verizon Center, Wale soon after approached the heckler and shoved him. WWE security detained both men and escorted them out of the crowd before allowing them to return shortly thereafter:

Wale himself seemed to be in good spirits following the altercation. Wale addressed the physical altercation by implying that that was the best course of action given the fan’s threats:

@MrBusby4o8 several times.. I don’t understand the standards that I’m supposed to live by.. If I knew I honestly would adjust somethings
— Wale Folarin (@Wale) April 1, 2014