Wale Refuses To Apologize To Demi Lovato For Backlash Over 21 Savage Meme

"Imagine me... a black man on my hands and knees begging."

(AllHipHop News) Demi Lovato deleted her Twitter account when she was hit with negative reactions for posting a meme making fun of 21 Savage. At the time, some social media users were clowning 21 after discovering he was actually born in the United Kingdom.

Critics took issue with Lovato joining in on the jokes because she had to deal with online bullying over her drug addiction. Wale was one of the people that called out the Pop singer in defense of 21.

Now that Savage has expressed that he wasn't too upset about the U.K. memes, Lovato fans are demanding repentance from Wale. The DMV rapper is refusing to make amends with Demi.

"Na. I never insulted or talked down to her... ur entitlement is showing and it’s crazy," replied Wale to someone that stated they expected an apology. He also posted to another person, "Where is mine at? Y’all bot accounts are working over time."

The Free Lunch EP creator added, "Y’all wasting time. Ain’t nobody disrespect her. I said what I said with the level of respect I didn’t receive. This entitlement gotta stop... Imagine me.. a black man on my hands and knees begging ... this shyt is gross and that entitlement is goin Brazy."

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